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New LIRA 10.0 R3.2 version has been released

New LIRA 10.0 R3.2 version has been released

More than 12 innovations in SP LIRA 10.0

In the R 3.2 release

  • Option to calculate loadings combinations (DCL). You can analyze displacements, internal forces, stresses and reaction forces using calculated DCL, as well as perform design calculations in structural design systems and evaluate buckling modes and stability factors;
  • Option to use user-defined reinforcement patterns for bars and plates;
  • Solid FE in import/export features to neu and iges formats;
  • "Quick screen image capture" option;
  • Option of arbitrary positioning of design model in space for rectangular and polar dynamic design grids;
  • Option of bar FE merging in "Merging of FE" mode;
  • Adding equally nodes spaced between selected points were simplified in "Add nodes" mode;
  • Option to consider nodes, bars and plates, which intersect triangulation contour was added to Triangulation tab in "Add FE" mode;
  • Sorting criteria during single selection of nodes and elements has been changed (objects, that are closer to the user, are placed higher in dropdown list of nodes and elements);
  • Consideration of elements unification in table of critical DCF;
  • «TC 1381 - 020 - 00186654 - 2011 Longitudinally welded steel tubes» gauge;
  • Area of calculated or specified reinforcement has been placed into separate section of measurement units.