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New LIRA 10.12 R2.3 version has been released

New LIRA 10.12 R2.3 version has been released
Dear colleagues, we're informing about official release of a new SP LIRA 10.12.

Release 2.3 contains corrected detected errors and some changes and additions.

SP LIRA 10.12 R2.3 is available for downloading in download section.

Licence holders of SP LIRA 10.12 can update to 2.3 version for free.

Graphics system and computational processor
  • Possibility to specify up to 1000 loadings has been restored
  • Accounting of non-reflecting boundary elements (62,64,68) in a linear problem DYNAMICS+ using the ASSEMBLAGE system has been fixed
  • Possibility to display eigenmodes for non-linear problems has been restored
  • Formation of a heat capacity matrix of the bar in the problems of the THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY system using the DYNAMICS+ system has been clarified
  • Considering the reduction factors to the modulus of elasticity of materials (set by user) for the problems of the ASSEMBLAGE system has been restored
  • Display of the coefficients in the NCF table according to Eurocode has been fixed
  • Implemented the ability to calculate stability by DCL,which includes harmonic loading (only for the first option)
  • Taking into account FE of interface (268 and 269) has been added in the THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY system
  • Manual editing of node numbers in displacement groups has been accelerated
  • Added restriction: grids coordination cannot be applied to the elements adjacent to absolutely rigid bodies
  • Fixed distribution coefficient in the "Periods and frequencies of natural oscillations" table
  • Corrected the sign assignment for the total dynamic response in the 65th seismic module
  • For composite wooden cross sections, an interface for selecting the modulus of elasticity (calculated or normative) and assigning a correction factor has been implemented
  • Database parameters for wood materials "SP laminated" and "LVL" have been fixed
  • The calculation of stiffness characteristics of a wooden box has been refined
  • Fixed a bug that in some (rare) cases led to an incorrect definition of the moments of cracking
  • When calculating according to Eurocode, the accounting for safety factor under seismic loads has been updated
  • When calculating punching, the accounting for eccentricities has been corrected
  • Improved calculation using the curvilinear diagram of concrete deformation according to DSTU
  • Taking into account importance factors when calculating according to DSTU has been fixed
  • Changed the logic of calculation of steel-reinforced concrete cross sections for shear and torsion
  • Added reinforcement of А500СП class according to STO 36554501-065-2020*
  • Fixed characteristics for Вр500 and А400 reinforcement
  • For the user-defined database of concrete materials according to Eurocode, the possibility to set the modulus of elasticity has been restored
  • Error with constructing a bearing capacity surface for transverse forces and torsion has been fixed
  • Processed the number of exceptions that in some cases did not allow opening a protocol with a design calculation
  • For the box 150х100х7 according to GOST 30245-2003, the value of weight per meter has been fixed
  • When specifying a pile cross section, the possibility to edit the pile toe widening has been restored
  • Made corrections to the calculation of the stability of the soil surrounding the pile
  • In the SOIL system, an error in creating a soil profile for a scheme with the simultaneous presence of a slab and a pile foundation has been fixed
  • Updated Help System
  • Developed "User's Guide10.12"