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Verification tests

Verification tests

We would like to bring to your attention the updated verification tests in the section SP LIRA Verification.

Discover more then 50 tests with different types of finite elements and types of structural analysis, that you may face while performing engineering projects. Over time, the number of such tests will be replenished.

In these tests, the results of SP LIRA 10 calculation are compared with analytical solutions and results, obtained using other programs from the segment of finite element analysis.

On this page, in addition to viewing problems, you can also download the archive for the corresponding test with the calculation model of SP LIRA 10 in *.fep format, by which you can trace the principle of model creation.

Besides checking the accuracy of performing certain types of problems, these tests and the models attached to them can also be used for self-study to perform many types of analysis.

Please note that most of the presented problems can be calculated in the demo version of SP LIRA 10.