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About us

We are the company that developing steadily and engaged in development of the LIRA software complex.

LIRA software complex is multifunctional, oriented on the design and calculation of building and machine-building structures different purposes, civilians, industrial buildings, objects of nuclear energy, bridges is instrument that responds all requirements of modern engineering construction.

LIRA of the new generation, LIRA 10, is the only integrated environment, in which all modules of settlement complex are interacting, functioning: creation settlement scheme, specialized calculation processors, constructing systems, section designer, analysis and control of results, documental system.

Development PC LIRA is conducted continuously and dynamically, improving existing possibilities and adding new.

  • PC LIRA 9.0 – spring of 2003.
  • PC LIRA 9.2 – spring of 2004.
  • PC LIRA 9.4 – autumn of 2006.
  • PC LIRA 9.6 – autumn of 2009.
  • PC LIRA 10.0 – december of 2012.
  • PC LIRA 10.2 – december of 2013.
  • PC LIRA 10.4 – december of 2014.
  • PC LIRA 10.6 – december of 2016.
  • PC LIRA 10.8 – may of 2018.
  • PC LIRA 10.10 – november of 2019.
  • PC LIRA 10.12 – april of 2021.
  • PC LIRA 10.14 – january of 2024.

PC LIRA 10 is actively developing as an element of technology BIM, offering theirs users direct integration with BIM programs.

It is a new system that contain all necessary tool kit for the designer at all stages of the life cycle of construction objects, it is a system that respond to all requirements of modern engineering construction.

Our team is a high qualified experts, designers, analytics, programmers that have advanced technologies and methods of programming, innovative approaches to design and calculations.

We are thankful to our users that motivate and stimulate developing of programming complex.

We cooperate with university, help students with mastering and using software complex in studying.

We conduct consultees about using PC LIRA at real objects, study, accompaniment, operative technical support of users, informational support : seminars, webinars, video lesson, educational materials that are in public access.

Regular release of new versions and updates to them, fast reaction to changes that occur in the regulatory base, reaction to users’ wishes, participation in discussion.

In LIRA 10 software complex realized constructions’ norms of Ukraine, Europe (EUROCODE), USA and other countries.

Our team continue developing LIRA 10 software complex, considering the remarks and users’ wishes. Developing new algorithms and subsystems, expanding functionality.

LIRA 10.14 is a relevant version for today.