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Video tutorials on User Results and LiraAPI

Video tutorials on User Results and LiraAPI

Dear Colleagues!

LIRA Group of Companies publishes freely available video materials, which can help you improve your skills in working with SP LIRA 10, as well as master some unique tools for solving non-standard problems in your engineering practice. Situations often arise when an engineer simultaneously needs to apply knowledge from different technical fields.

In particular, write their own program code, which allows to get and manage suitable data from standard results of finite element method solutions. We offer to your attention tutorial videos with examples. If you are an engineer with junior-programmer skills, these videos will help you to be competitive and effectively put the knowledge gained into practice.

The first video contains information on User Results, namely, displaying your own result mosaic in accordance with the written mathematical operations on standard results. The second video will help you to create your own LiraAPI applications using C# programming language. So you can launch these applications directly from the program and use SP LIRA 10 results tables as input data.