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Company "LIRA soft" took part in the research-to-practice seminar

Company "LIRA soft" took part in the research-to-practice seminar
X United International research and practice seminar "Reliability and safety of buildings and structures upon seismic and emergency actions" was held on the 3rd of December 2014 at MSUCE.
Report «Implementation of nonlinear static method (Pushover Analysis) in SP LIRA 10.4 according to "Construction in seismic regions" company standard» was introduced by software developers: project scientific coordinator Evzerov I.D., Doctor of Technical Science, and project technical manager Geraymovych Y.D., Candidate of Technical Science. Experts speech was welcomed with a profound interest be the audience.
Reports, represented at the seminar, and main matters of discussion will be published in scientific and technical journal «Vestnik MGSU», as well as will be posted on information and science press release of Science & Technology Council of MSUCE.
Seminar was held within the National Research Moscow State Institute of Civil Engineering development program and following the objectives of Federal Target Program "Improving stability of residential houses, main objects and life support systems in Russian Federation seismic regions for 2009-2018".