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V International symposium (Irkutsk)

V International symposium (Irkutsk)
"LIRA soft" company took part in V International symposium «Pressing issues of computer-aided design of structures and buildings».
"LIRA soft" experts took part in V International symposium «Pressing issues of computer-aided design of structures and buildings», which was held from the 1st till the 6th of July in Irkutsk under the guidance of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. 114 representatives of various businesses and organizations took part in prestigious forum at the premises of FSBEI "Irkutsk State Technical University". Symposium's schedule included plenary and sectional speeches of academic institute's and HEI's scientists, experts, who are dealing with engineering design, as well as developers of the software for engineering analysis, Round tables activity regarding discussion of the pressing issues and achivements in the field of computer-aided design of structures and buildings. For example, speeches, which highlighted modern simulation techniques of construction objects at all stages of its service life and analytical calculations with the application of modern software intended for simulation of behavior of structures, received close attention.
Antiseismic construction issues drew particular interest. Given subject matter became essential due to active reclamation of earthquake endangered areas. For example, speeches of professor Mkrtychev O.V, Doctor of Technical Science, and professor Dzhinchvelashcvili G.A, Candidate of Technical Sciences, in cooperation with "LIRA soft" company's main expert Kolesnikov A.V., have told about crisis in structural design codes regarding antiseismic construction, about their changes and additions.
MSUCE organization's standard for antiseismic construction, which is implemented in SP LIRA 10.2, also was talked about. Scientific coordinator of LIRA 10.x project, co-author of LIRA 5.01 -9.6, 10.0, 10.2 computational processor, Evzerov I.D, Doctor of Technical Science, has told about SP LIRA 10.2 computational processor new capabilities, which allows to perform postbucking analysis i.e. analysis after buckling failure in geometrically nonlinear formulation with an automatic search of new equilibrium shapes.
In «Seismic design of structures and buildings using SP LIRA 10.2» report by "LIRA soft" company's main expert Kolesnikov A.V., main innovations of LIRA 10.2 software package regarding dynamics analysis, seismic actions included, were displayed.
Symposium's participants worked at five sections during the week:
  • SECTION 1. Issues of computer-aided design of structures and buildings
  • SECTION 2. Computer aided software packages in building industry. Structural design;
  • SECTION 3. Theoretical basics of computer-aided design of structures and buildings;
  • SECTION 4. Materials and structures under transient conditions. Dynamics of damaged structures;
  • SECTION 5. Structural design optimization issues.

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