Computer - aided design (CAD)
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New release LIRA 10.12 R2.3
New release
SP LIRA 10.12 R2.3
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SP LIRA 10.10
Presentation SP LIRA 10.12
SP LIRA 10.10
New release
SP LIRA 10.10 R2.5
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LIRA Group of Companies took part in the International Scientific and Technical Forum “Architecture and Construction: Restoration of Ukraine.
We offer to your attention a video tutorial on usage features of ASSEMBLAGE module in SP LIRA 10.
Video tutorial on calculation of cylindrical vertical steel reservoirs with liquid on seismic action has been posted on our channel.
We offer to your attention a video tutorial on preparing and importing a model from the *.dxf format (AutoCAD) into SP LIRA 10.
Video tutorial on calculation of steel structures according to Eurocode have been posted on our channel.
We would like to bring to your attention the updated verification tests in the section SP LIRA > Verification.
A video tutorial about the creating of grids of complex shape in the Gmsh program for their further transfer to SP LIRA 10 has been published.
We invite you to watch the video tutorial on calculation of filtration in soils, namely, the determination of seepage velocity, pore pressure, stresses and positions of phreatic surfaces
Video course on calculation of reinforced concrete structures according to DSTU is published on our channel.
We encourage you to watch the video tutorial about the plug-in for import/export of geometric model from Advance Steel.
We offer to your attention the video tutorial on linear and nonlinear calculation of steelwork for seismic effects, which are given as a three-component accelerogram.
We invite you to watch the video tutorial on calculation of cable systems and structures, which are strongly deformed under the influence of loads.