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New LIRA 10.12 R2.1 version has been released

New LIRA 10.12 R2.1 version has been released
Dear colleagues, we're informing about official release of a new SP LIRA 10.12.

Release 2.1 contains corrected detected errors and some changes and additions:

SP LIRA 10.12 R2.1 is available for downloading in download section.

Licence holders of SP LIRA 10.12 can update to 2.1 version for free.

Graphics system and computational processor
  • Fixed a bug in tram train load, leading to asymmetric results
  • Fixed the diagnostics in nonlinear calculation, when a bar element is destroyed in several sections at once
Wooden Structures
  • Added tensile strength test for composite timber cross sections
  • Fixes in check on shear for composite timber cross sections
  • Added saving of the last used norms for wood
Reinforced concrete
  • Clarified the coefficient of transverse reinforcement buildup according to SP
  • Changed the logic of work of the mode of results of reinforced concrete structures proportioning check
  • Fixed the work of the SOIL system when opening files of previous versions
Import / Export
  • Improved import of loads on the design scheme in Revit
  • Added plugin AdvanceSteel for version 2022