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New LIRA 10.2 R3.0 version has been released

New LIRA 10.2 R3.0 version has been released

«LIRA soft» company announces the release of new SP LIRA 10.2 R3.0.
SP LIRA improving, becomes faster, convenient and effective from with any new release.

SP LIRA 10.2 (R3.0) innovations:

Added option to select language of the interface and documentation
  • Added option to change interface language at any given software package's operational stage. Besides Russian interface language, which was implemented earlier, there were added English and Ukrainian languages;
  • Added independent from interface language option to select documentation language (reports, tables of input data and calculation results).

Extended Help
  • Several additions and updates to the Help system were made;
  • Added tutorial «Exercise 10 - Analysis of the structure on elastic foundation using Soil Editor».

Added option to switch between the types of selected objects in "Select nodes and elements" mode
  • In «Marks» mode there were implemented quick switches between types of selected objects using how keys at keyboard.

Concepts of loadings editing and filter by loads value have been updated

  • Improved graphic interface in Loads editing / Loads filter modes. Loads editing / filter takes place during displaying by list of all loads on the selected objects.

Optimized logic of detachments assignment mode

  • Corrected logic of assignment of relative detachments in model's elements. Interface of policy and assigning of detachments has been refined.

There was added an option to factor in color mosaic during Vibration or Displacement recording

  • Displayed color mosaics are factored in video file record in Deformation, Vibration modes and Buckling modes animation mode.

Added auto diagnostics of possibility to delete cross sections, materials and structural design parameters

  • Warning message is displayed if deleted cross sections, materials and structural design parameters are assigned to elements.

Algorithm of spatial soil model creation using assigned boreholes has been improved. Graphics interface during assigning and editing of boreholes and loadings has been improved

  • Algorithm of automatic soil model creation according to assigned geological conditions has been improved;
  • Arbitrary profile generation algorithm of created spatial soil model has been modified;
  • Settings of Soil Editor's graphic interface has been expanded.

Download distribution package SP LIRA 10.2 (R3.0)