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New LIRA 10.10 R2.0 version has been released

New LIRA 10.10 R2.0 version has been released
Dear colleagues, we're informing about official release of a new SP LIRA 10.10.

Release 2.0 contains corrected detected errors and some changes and additions.

SP LIRA 10.10 R2.0 is available for downloading in download section.

Licence holders of SP LIRA 10.10 can update to 2.0 version for free.

Design and graphical environment
  • Introduced improvements in considering plate FE of elastic link (94, 97)
  • Refined algorithms of internal forces calculations in the plates of plane strain
  • Rare bug of considering displacements unification groups in problems of ASSEMBLAGE system has been fixed
  • Implemented ability to switch off loadings for basic problems in the VARIATION OF MODELS system
  • Implemented consideration of combinations factors by impact degree in the algorithm of generation of automatic DCL
  • Fixed an error of display of diagrams of inner internal forces on bar elements from DCL for problems in the ASSEMBLAGE system
  • Added ability to set a ready-made graph of the change in wind pressure along the height, when setting the wind load on the surface
  • Implemented consideration of uniformly distributed loads on the part of the created architectural element in the algorithm of conversion of FE fragment of the grid to the architectural elements
  • Implemented mouse sticking to the edges of architectural elements
  • Ability to transfer the vertices of architectural elements to a given line or plane has been implemented in the "Move" mode
  • Improved consideration of user-defined units in the "Convert Results Into Input Data" and "Tilts and twists" modes
  • Deleting groups (including empty ones) has been accelerated in the "Groups of Elements" mode
  • Speeded up the work with DCL for problems in the ASSEMBLAGE system
Reinforced concrete structures
  • Refined algorithm of reinforcement buildup when checking for complex torsion
  • Refined algorithm of consideration of accidental eccentricity in accordance with the requirements of DBN and Eurocode
Steel structures
  • When checking for overall stability of compressed and compressed-flexural elements of box-section according to regulations of SP 16.13330.2017, the formula (33) of the current standards SP 294.1325800.2017 has been implemented instead of the modified formulas (120), (121)
  • When checking for local stability of webs of bending elements by formulas (80) SP 16.13330.2017 or (9.39) DBN В.2.6-198:2014, the upper limit of web flexibility has been expanded, allowing to use these formulas
  • Fixed inaccuracy when reducing thin walls of compressed and compressed-flexural elements of box-section
  • New gauges of strip steel (GOST 103-2006) and wide strip steel (GOST 82-70) have been added
  • Some explanations for setting the initial data for the construction of two-branch cross sections have been added. Also, the dead load of two-branch elements has been refined taking into account the type and predetermined profiles of the connecting pieces
  • Fixed inaccuracy in applying the formula (10.28) DBN V.2.6-198:2014, when checking for local stability of webs of I-beams and channel bars in compressed and compressed-flexural elements
  • Fixed an error related to applying the conditions of use factor under seismic. (Previously, it was also mistakenly applied to the pulsating component of wind load.)
  • Added consideration of the Table P.1.6 DBN V.2.1-10-2009 for suspended cast-in-situ piles, bored piles, and inclined piles
  • Interface of soil table has been changed depending on the type of base
  • When determining the settlement of foundations on natural base and artificial foundations calculated according to the 3rd method in accordance with the requirements of SP 22.13330.2016, the formula (5.19) (п.5.6.35) has been corrected
  • Saving import parameters of the model from dxf format has been implemented
  • Updated Help System