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Presentation of software package LIRA 10.6

Presentation of software package LIRA 10.6

On the 16th of November, 2016 the official presentation of new version of SP LIRA 10.6 took place at State Enterprise Ministry of Defense «Central Design Institute» in Kiev city.

  • Added more than 100 innovations;
  • More than 20 companies took part in testing process of new version;
  • Implemented integrations with more than 5 other CAD/CAE systems;
  • Now SP LIRA can be used to solve problems of thermal conductivity;
  • According to user’s requests stresses in bars now can be viewed;
  • Implemented load, which is not associated with grid of elements;
  • Implemented calculation of elastic-geometrical characteristics of composite bar`s cross section;
  • Added calculation of bearing capacity surface;
  • Implemented creation of 3D models of soil masses according to assigned earth bore;
  • Now stiffness of single piles, pile groups and artificial footings can be calculated;
  • Implemented Wood-Armer theory for RC plate elements;
  • Corrosion influence now can be factored in during steel construction calculations;
  • Center of rigidity and mass center can be determined for a model`s fragment
During seminar, developers team reported about new opportunities and functions of SP LIRA 10.6. And also recent designing problems in field of civil engineering were discussed: