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New LIRA 10.12 R2.6 version has been released

New LIRA 10.12 R2.6 version has been released
Dear colleagues, we're informing about official release of a new SP LIRA 10.12.

SP LIRA 10.12 R2.6 is available for downloading in download section. Licence holders of SP LIRA 10.12 can update to 2.6 version for free.

Release 2.6 contains corrected detected errors and some changes and additions.

Graphics system and computational processor
  • The possibility to determine forms and loss-of-stability factors at using the TERMAL CONDUCTIVITY system has been restored
  • Determination of modal mass contribution for dynamic loading states in problems with available absolutely solid bodies has been corrected
  • The error in ASSEMBLAGE mode, which sometimes occurred when editing the material property coefficients at the stage of assembly has been corrected
  • Displaying of the diagrams of internal forces on bar elements taking into account physical nonlinearity has been corrected
  • Calculation of tangential stresses in symmetrical rolled and welded I-beams according to DBN, SP has been refined
  • The error in calculation of flexural-torsional stability for I-beam with rotated orientation according to DBN, SP has been corrected
  • Consideration of longitudinal force at strength calculation for the cross sections of 2-3 classes according to DBN, SP has been refined
  • The algorithm for smeared longitudinal reinforcement buildup, which is required for torsion calculation, has been refined
  • The algorithm for crack opening calculation according to Eurocode and DBN has been refined
  • Consideration of user-defined transverse reinforcement at applying automatic reinforcement templates has been corrected
  • Selection of reinforcement in plate elements when applying the calculation method according to SP 63.13330.2012 has been refined
  • The possibility of user-defined torsional stiffness for the piles modeled by a chain of rods has been implemented
  • The algorithm of preliminary sorting of internal forces' combinations has been changed in the calculation utilities for reinforced concrete elements