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New LIRA 10.12 R2.5.1 version has been released

New LIRA 10.12 R2.5.1 version has been released
Dear colleagues, we're informing about official release of a new SP LIRA 10.12.

SP LIRA 10.12 R2.5.1 is available for downloading in download section. Licence holders of SP LIRA 10.12 can update to 2.5.1 version for free.

Release 2.5.1 contains corrected detected errors and some changes and additions.

Graphics system and computational processor
  • Display of the coordinates dynamic input panel for dark color schemes is improved
  • When determining deflections from efforts from individual loadings, consideration of conversion factors to the long-term part of normative loads has been added
  • The calculation of a rotated asymmetrical I-beam has been restored
  • For beem elements, the calculation of the local stability of the flange of T-Beem sections has been updated
  • The algorithm for checking the specified reinforcement in bar elements for the action of torsional moment has been refined
  • Connection with Advance Steel 2023 and 2024 is implemeted
  • Connection with Revit 2023 and 2024 is implemented
  • Connection with Tekla Structures 2022 and 2023 is implemented
  • In the utility for calculating reinforced concrete bars according to the Eurocode standards, the ability to take into account the increase seismic transverse forces coefficients has been added
  • Redrawing of response spectra diagrams has been restored in the "Seismogram from Accelerogram" utility