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New LIRA 10.2 R2.0 version has been released

New LIRA 10.2 R2.0 version has been released
New release of SP LIRA 10.2 (R2.0) has came out
Innovations description is given below.
New functionality - New capabilities!!..

SP LIRA 10.2 (R2.0) innovations

  • Option of "Sticky pointer" at architectural element's edge center has been implemented
  • Option to add node at architectural plate's edge center has been implemented
  • Option to copy properties from architectural elements has been implemented
  • Option to create architectural plates by displacement of generatrix made of architectural bars
  • New table of DCF coefficients has been added
  • Cross section's dimensions visualization has been added in cross sections table
  • Option to add nodes along circumference set by three points has been added
  • Nonlinear material (14) graph displaying algorithm has been improved
  • Added option of displaying displacement diagrams for bar elements across design model caused by loadings and DCL
  • Construction axes displaying algorithm has been improved
  • Added option to select nodes and elements via planes made of construction axes and elevation indicators
  • Implemented deleting of unused cross sections, materials and structural design parameters in «Packing» mode
  • Implemented fast transition between various systems of units (user-defined, SI, English)
  • «Loading analysis» mode was modified
  • Added option to drag nodes to line
  • Nodes and elements local information has been added to all modes of calculation results visualization

  • Floor plans import from *.dxf format has been implemented
  • Curved walls import from Revit Structure 2014 has been improved

  • Algorithm of spatial soil model creation using boreholes has been improved
  • Calculation factoring in soil layers with width lesser than 0,2 m has been improved
  • Improved boreholes visualization
  • Improved user interface options: boreholes copying, moving, rotating, etc.

  • Torsion analysis of reinforced concrete cross sections according to all codes has been improved
  • Optimized crack width calculation algorithm according to DSTU B V.2.6-156:2010 and Eurocode 2
  • Significantly improved dialog box of cross sections with calculated reinforcement
  • Improved performance of interactive report of punching shear calculation

  • Improved visualization of composite cross sections in «Cross sections editor» during calculation results analysis
  • Consideration of shear areas in composite cross sections has been added
  • Design of composite cross sections according to DBN V.2.6-163-2010 has been improved
  • Added option to filter elements during calculation results analysis using interactive report
  • Deflection calculation algorithm has been modified

Download SP LIRA 10.2 (R2.0) distribution package