Computer - aided design (CAD)
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SP LIRA 10.2 is a new chapter in evolution of software package that combines steady quality and convenience of SP LIRA 10.0 with the latest programming methods and techniques. Given version intended for making the work with SP LIRA even simpler and effective and that's why developers are sure that all users will appreciate the whole variety of SP LIRA 10.2 features.


Punching shear calculation

Punching shear calculation for flat slabs was implemented according to following codes: SNiP 2.03.01-84/SP 52-01-2003(63-13330-2012)/DSTU B V.2.6-156:2010/Eurocode. Calculation process comes with recording of all stages of calculation. Punching usage percent is shown.

Soil editor

For assignment and editing of construction site's geological conditions "Soil" editor was added. Automatic modeling of soli model under designed structure is carried out with accordance to specified geological conditions followed by bedding values calculation. Convertibility of bearing pressure of soil into soil loading for bedding values refinement was implemented. Information regarding loading change as a percentage and centre of forces change is shown after bearing pressure of soil is applied as loading for recalculation of bedding values.

Architectural elements

Two element types (line and contour) are implemented. Architectural elements have the following properties: loadings, local axes (stress alignment), axes of orthotropy, cross section, material, structural design parameters. Contours may have arbitrary shape with arbitrary inner contours for modeling of openings.

Variation of models

"Variation of models" system, that allows to unite DCF obtained after analysis of topologically identical design models for further reinforcement design and proportioning/design of bar steel sections, was added.

Shortcut menu customizing

Opportunity for customizing the shortcut menu was added. Now you may add the most utilized features into the shortcut menu.

Import from Autodesk Revit Structure 2014

Analytical models created with Revit Structure 2014 can be imported now. Following analytical model elements can be imported: columns "Structural Column" and frame elements "Structural - Framing", flat walls "Wall" and floor slabs "Floor", loading library, cross sections, materials. Analytical model is imported as contours and lines that can be edited as well as splitted into finite elements with customized mesh.

New cross section types

The following cross section types were added: rolled T-beam, welded I-beam and rectangular hollow sections (overgangs included), double angles, I-beams and C-beams. Proportioning policy for stell sections now can be specified by your own.

Logging systems

Features of printout and export into .html format of finished report is implemented. Report generation based on obtained results such as diagrams, tables, templates.

Graphics subsystem

Cross section dimensions visualization added to cross section table, local information