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Objects calculated in LIRA 10.x

Structural decisions: Structure consists of bars that form cellular structure like a “Mobius strip”. Bar’s diameters are 8, 10 and 12mm. Dimensions: 8m x 6.5m; material: stainless steel. Foundation is a plate with a dimensions of 4 х 4 х 1m.
Structural systems of the building: according to preliminary calculations pile supported reinforced concrete mat serves as the foundation. Mat balances local irregularities of soils density structure in case of differential settlements. Since structural elements are subjected to multidimensional dynamic loads, friction piles bearing on gravel-cobble sediments were integrated in slab foundation design scheme and were used as foundation.
«Central Stadium» has ellipse shape in plan with dimensions of 268х230 m. Polar axes grid has been set: radial lines of the grid are numeric axes; circular lines of the grid are symbolic axes. Grand stands are located along symbolic axes from axis A to axis K inclusively.
Facilities of international airport "Bolshoye Savino" are rectangular three-storeyed building, partially with an underground floor, with size in plane 99x117 meters.
Stuctural solutions: cast in situ reinforced concrete with железобетон with steel coating in a form of a dome.
Gallery railway loading/unloading rack. Analysis of loading/unloading rack
Project proposal of foot bridge with "Lira" type supports. Stuctural solutions: Bridge span is 70 meters. Framework - steel arch of rectangular hollow section. Supports - lyre-shaped steel structures of rectangular hollow section. Bearing elements of the surface - beam system, that consists of rolled and welded beams.
Sports and recreation center in Vyshhorod, Kiev region. Yacht club. Boatshed for yachts. Building with a span of 25 meters, height to bottom part of truss of 10.2 m with a steel frame, equipped with an electric hoist with a lifting capacity of 3.2 t.
Smokestack Н = 100 m of coke battery #5, OJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih"
Building with a span of 48 meters, length of 30 meters and height to bottom part of truss of 7.2 meters. Frame is steely. Heavy truss with a span of 48 meters with chords and web of H-shaped profile (welded H-beam), that carries a load from half a building, is provided from gates side.