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Forum rules


  • Forum rules listed below are mandatory for all participants of the forum, without exception.
  • Rules of separate forums are additions to the general forum rules.
  • Administration reserves the right to change rules without notification.
  • Additions and changes to the rules take effect from the moment of publication.
  1. It is forbidden to use names, surnames, signatures containing obscene language, website URLs, e-mail, ets. to be displayed in forums.
  1. Post deliberaly untruthful information.
  2. Use foul language and/or offensive language (insluding in disguised form).
  3. Offend anyone in direct or indirect form, express disrespect and/or be rude to forum participants.
  4. Advertise in messages any goods and services without special permission of forum administration.
  5. Create similar topics or messages in different forums.
  6. Create new topics with names thet don't represent the point of the problem or a question.
  7. Keep conversation on "free theme", create topics that do not conform to the forum, or send messages that don't conform to the discussion topic.
  8. Post links to unlicensed commercial software, software for cracking and key generators, also to materials that are protected by copyright (books, music, videos and etc.)
  9. Create messages that do not carry specific semantic meaning in the context of the discussion topic.
  10. Create messages that contain specially made mistakes.
  11. Create messages with CAPITAL or capital and lowercase letters mix ("lIkE tHiS"), excessive text highlightning in order to attract attention with bold, italic, underline font that differs from forum messages standard colour, font, font size.
  12. Unauthorized moderation. I. e. when some forum member that is not a moderator of this forum make remarks to other members.
  13. Discuss punishments made be moderator or administrator.
Not recommended:
  1. Write with transliteration as it is inconvenient to read. Administration reserves the right to close topics where users constantly write with transliteration and ignor this paragraph of rules.
  2. Create avatars and signatures on political or religious themes. Administartion reserves the right to delete such avatars and signatures after notifying user via email.
  3. Create messages with political or religious content. Administration reserves the right to delete such messages without warning.
  4. Repeatedly raise the topic if given question haven't been answered on time.
General provisions:
  1. Be sure to use SEARCH before creating new topics. It is possible that your question has been already discussed on the forum. This way you'll save the your and others precious time.
  2. Try to write correctly. Check written messages before sending them.
  3. When writing messages, avoid excessive quoting. It makes difficult to read the message and unnecessarily loads the topic.
  4. Avoid copying volume materials from any web pages. Better instead post links to such materials.
  5. If you have nothing to say than it's better to stay silent. Do not write messages only to check in.
Administration and moderation:
  1. Administrators and moderators have the right to edit, move, close and also to delete messages and topics that do not meet forum rules.
  2. Administartors and moderators have right of preferential interpretation of one or another paragraphs of forume rules in case of statements from the user about double meaning in such paragraphs.
  3. Actions of moderator can be appealed only in forum administration and only by email.
  4. Decisions of forum administration are final and not appealable.